Keith Olbermann is ruining America.

Or so suggested ex-president Bill Clinton, who told a blogger this week that he couldn't attend a free medical clinic being paid for in part by supporters of the MSNBC television host because he had "politicized" the event.

Writes Firedoglake's David Dayen:

Bill Clinton told FDL’s Eve Gittelson that it would be problematic for him to attend a free medical clinic being held in Little Rock, Arkansas [held Saturday] because MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann had “politicized” the event.” He indicated that some were turning the event into a primary kickoff against Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln.

Eve ran into Clinton Thursday in the gift shop of the Clinton Library. She’s in Arkansas covering the Keith Olbermann’s free clinic event, organized by the National Association of Free Clinics. The former President is in town for the 5th anniversary of the Clinton Library.

One in five Arkansas citizens are without health insurance, according to one estimate.

Fifteen hundred showed up for the free clinic in Arkansas Saturday. Lincoln, Arkansas' Democratic senator, voted to support a Democratic motion to begin debate on healthcare overhaul legislation Saturday night, after rebukes from liberal critics.

The Arkansas Times interviewed those who showed up.

"Well I came to get health," one man said, according to a transcript by ThinkProgress. "I do have diabetes and I haven’t been able to get healthcare since I lost my last job. And I am a student so it’s been a little difficult to get a full time job where I can get benefits. [...] I haven’t seen a doctor probably in three or four years. ... I thank all of the volunteers."

"I got laid off in 2008 and since I haven’t had insurance," another woman said.

"I don’t make really enough money to pay bills and have healthcare also," said a third man. "This is a good opportunity for me. And I haven’t really had a check up or anything in more years than I’d like to admit."

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Video of Olbermann's plea to help fund the Arkansas free clinic follows.