If you were looking for a new vehicle, wouldn't you consider buying from the gentlemen who own this sign?

That billboard was recently raised by the owners of Wolf Automotive in Wheatridge, Colorado, according to a local progressive talk radio host.

The sign was photographed and posted to the Web on Friday afternoon by Jay Marvin, a host with Colorado's AM 760.

"Remember these folks also had the Where is the Birth Certificate Billboard as well," he noted.

Progressive blogging community DailyKos picked up the image later that day and encouraged readers to leave their thoughts about the dealership on a Google business review page.

"Sirota had the owner on the radio this morning and lets just say he wasn't the brighest [sic] gent ever," Kos blogger acsguitar opined. "Actually claiming that the words 'We are a christian nation' appear in the constitution and that he can point it out."

"It's one thing to criticize the president on health care, or Wall Street reform, or immigration," Sirota reportedly said. "But this is outrageous. And I think it's a fair question to ask why these questions about religion and ancestry are being directed so viciously at the first African-American President of the United States."

"Since Fort Hood, I've had it," Phil West, the sign's owner, told FOX 31 News, the network reported. "You can't suggest things. You can't profile. You gotta call a spade a spade."

"Everything I have read about Mr. Obama points right to the fact that he is a Muslim," the man continued. "And that is the agenda of what Muslim is all about. It's about anti-American, it's about anti-Christianity."

Acsguitar additionally shared contact information with the dealership and encouraged readers to send a message.

"As soon as President Obama won in November, I was sure that every idiot racist would come crawling out of the wood work," a contributor to Google's business reviews claimed. "Wolf Auto Group is just another of those cockroaches that needed to be exposed by the light of day."

Another retorted: "I believe that this business has every right to say what they want to say about anyone they want to talk about. This talk about morons and bigots and racists has nothing at all to do with how they feel about Obama. It is the issues that I understand is there to debate. It is the thoughts of people that do not understand that in America the citizenry was built on the fact that we could say what we want to say and do what we want to do. If you dont [sic] like it then that is your and my choice. I dont [sic] necessarily like what you and others have said against Wolf here either, but, I would fight like hell to protect both Wolfs right to say what he wants to say and you too."

This video was broadcast by Fox 31 in Denver on Friday, Nov. 20, 2009.