Shocker: Fox News isn't always fair and balanced.

After Comedy Central's The Daily Show pointed out Tuesday night that Fox News' Sean Hannity program used footage from another GOP protest in a clip about a recent teaparty rally, Hannity admitted the network incorrectly used bogus footage in their interview with Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN).

"Finally tonight...Although it pains me to say this, Jon Stewart, Comedy Central - he was right," Hannity admitted Wednesday.

"On his program last night he mentioned that we had played some incorrect video on this program last week while talking about the Republican Health Care rally on Capitol Hill," Hannity continued.

"He was correct, we screwed up - we aired some video of a rally in September, along with a video from the actual event," he added. "It was an inadvertent mistake, but a mistake nonetheless. So Mr. Stewart, you were right… we apologize… and by the way, I want to thank you, and all your writers, for watching."

Stewart noted Tuesday that Fox showed clips of two rallies and pretended they were one and the same.

"I'm sorry, can we get back again," Stewart remarked. "That was weird. Because when that clip started, it was a clear fall day in Washington, D.C. Not a cloud in the sky, the leaves have changed.

"All of a sudden, the trees turn green again, and it's cloudy, and it looks like thousands and thousands of more people arrived," he continued. "If I didn't know any better, I would think they just put two different days together and acted like they didn't."

Hannity's apology, and The Daily Show's Jon Stewart's report, follows.

This video is from Fox News' Hannity, broadcast Nov. 11, 2009.

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