Larry King isn't known for his hardball interviews.

So his exchange with onetime California beauty queen Carrie Prejean came as something of a surprise.

Prejean threatened to walk off King's Wednesday night interview after King asked her why she'd settled a lawsuit against the Miss California USA Pageant. Prejean lost her Miss California title after it emerged that she'd posed in racy shots and faced criticism about comments against same sex marriage. She sued the organization, alleging libel and religious discrimination.

Then, this week, it emerged that Prejean had filmed a secret sex tape.

"Why settle since you had a fight to carry on?" King inquired.

Prejean didn't answer.

King repeated: "You can't even say why you settled?"

"Larry," Prejean replied, "it's completely confidential and you're being inappropriate."

Prejean appears to have settled after a lawyer for the organization revealed a home-made sex tape Prejean made when she was 17.

After a minute of back-and-forth exchange, King remarks, "Okay, I, uh... inappropriate King Live continues."

It gets worse for Prejean. A caller begins a call with, "I'm a gay man and I love pageants," and Prejean reaches to disconnect her mic.

"Did she hear the question?" King asks.

Prejean retorts, "Yeah, I think you are being extremely inappropriate right now, and I'm about to leave your show."

This video is from CNN's Larry King Live, broadcast Nov. 11, 2009.

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