Al Gore details the ways that we can address climate change in his new book Our Choice. But on Saturday Night Live he said he has a new backup plan.

"I'm gonna start acting crazy. I think it's crazy that our politicians aren't more worried about the climate crisis," he told host Seth Meyers. "So it's time for us to out-crazy the crazies."

One of his ideas for mildly amusing stunts involved dumping ice water on members of Congress with a note saying, "We're melting, love the glaciers."

His other idea was reminiscent of many environmentalist demonstrations, with a silly twist. "I'm gonna start planting trees in politicians' front yards... in the middle of the night... and tape toy guns to the branches pointed to the door," he warned. "So when they wake up and walk out of their houses in the morning, they'll think it's the forests coming to get their revenge."

He eventually admitted his pranks were outlandish and hit on four key points.

"We need to cut back on the burning of coal and oil and start using renewable energy. We need to stop deforestation and plant billions of trees. We have to become more efficient and stop wasting so much energy. We need to stop factory farming and start using sustainable agriculture."

He insisted, however, that if we don't stop the climate crisis, "Instead of science, I'm going with crazy."

This video is from NBC's Saturday Night Live, broadcast Nov. 21, 2009.

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