A new soon-to-be-released book by conservative author Katharine DeBrecht combats what she perceives as a left-wing agenda being forced on children by American media and culture.

The novel, titled Help! Mom! Radicals Are Ruining My Country! paints House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – dubbed “Speaker Queenosie” – as a elitist, tiara-wearing radical who is out of touch with regular Americans. An excerpt reads:

Tell me about it, Darrrling, Speaker Queenosie primed her professionally styled hair. Little common people are entitled to a swingset just like the rest of you commoners, she jiggled a pair of jet keys through her perfectly manicured fingers.

Many of the characters are representations of real Democratic lawmakers, but with slightly altered names. One such character is “Congressman Schmoozer,” based on Jewish Democrat Chuck Schumer, who is actually a Senator. “Schmoozer” is a play on the word “schmooze,” which is derived from a Yiddish term.

In an email interview with RAW STORY, Debrecht confirmed the character was a depiction of Schumer, but denied that the cultural reference was deliberate. “I never intended to use a Yiddish word,” she said. “I was just mixing up his name a little.” The author also mocks Democrat Rep. Barney Frank's lisp through a character named "Congressman Fwank."

The follow-up to her prequel Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed! "continues the story of two boys who open up a lemonade stand only to have the stand seized by the government," DeBrecht said of the book. "Determined to succeed, the boys open up a swingset business, but all hope is doomed when a sweaty and sputtering Congressman Fwank and a snarky Congressman Schmoozer demand that all kids should have a swingset whether they can afford them or not."

DeBrecht has her reasons for targeting liberals. "There is very little out there to balance the leftist propaganda thrown at our children in schools, televisions, movies, etc," she wrote to RAW STORY. "I believe my books have been successful at providing parents an alternative."

The book also goes after Senators Chris Dodd and Harry Reid. “Queenosie and other radicals -- such as a sweetheart dealmaker Senator Dudd and a cranky Senator Dontreid -- run into trouble when the boys take them to task for outlandish spending on pork projects and refusing to read the bills they pass,” she continued. “The radicals are forced to put on dunce-like thinking caps in order to remember what inane projects were snuck into the bills.”

The conservative author isn't expecting much praise from outside the right-wing news network. "My books have been received by the mainstream media with typical whining and calls of brainwashing, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc," she said.

The author, also a mother of three, had tough words for progressives and singled out Pelosi as a major culprit of the nation's problems.

"When Nancy Pelosi was elected Speaker of the House all we heard was how wonderful it was that a mother and grandmother rose through the ranks to such a position," she said. "In reality, that mother and grandmother has played an enormous role in ensuring that our children and grandchildren are shackled with debt for decades to come."

The book "is meant to be a fun and entertaining way for parents to sit down with their kids, laugh and discuss values such as hard work, responsibility, self-reliance, freedom and liberty and the importance of defending these when they are under attack,” DeBrecht told RAW STORY.