Update 2:26PM ET: Five wounded shooting victims... one confirmed death, though police are unclear on whether the individual who died was killed as a result of the attack or of a heart condition. Police say the shooter is now in custody. "He was located at his mother's residence, and he is now in custody."

Jason Rodriguez, 40, was said to have surrendered after being spotted in the window of his mother's apartment building.

UPDATE 1:45PM ET: Police have identified the suspected shooter as a former employee, Jason Rodriguez. He is 40 years old.

They've identified his car as a silver Nissan SUV, and released the tag as D11UX.

At a live press conference, police spokeswoman Barbara Jones said the number of victims was fewer than ten, and that there was only one reported shooter. The suspect may have left the building, a spokesperson said.

Police have now confirmed one person is dead, and their body remains in the building.

The company he worked for was Reynolds, Smith and Hill, an engineering firm, located on the eighth floor.

Four local schools are on lockdown.

From WESH in Orlando, Florida:

At least eight people were injured in a mass shooting inside a downtown Orlando high-rise just before noon Friday, according to the Orlando Fire Department.

Firefighters were called to Gateway Center at 1000 Legion Place around 11:30 a.m. The building is near Lake Ivanhoe.

All patients have been taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center. At least four of the eight patients are serious trauma cases. Due to the incident, the emergency room has been closed to patients. The ER is on status X.

Dispatchers with the Orlando Fire Department said a shooting with multiple victims was reported on the eighth floor.

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that two people are dead:

Eight people have been shot at an office building in downtown Orlando. Four of the eight are in trauma condition. The building is called Legions Place. Interstate 4 is shutdown eastbound.

News outlets are reporting that two people are dead.

Office workers are still inside. They have barricaded themselves and do not know where the gunman is. One woman inside the building said they have been told the shooting possibly took place on the fourth or eighth floor.

"We've got everybody in one office, with the door barricaded with a chest of drawers. There are about 20 of us in here. We're scared," said one woman who is inside the building. She asked her name and that of her business not be used because she fears for her life.

"We're watching TV, trying to see what is going on, but we really don't know. We're scared. We're safe right now, but we're scared," she said.

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AP says office workers are "streaming out of the building."