Even Fox pundit Glenn Beck will probably laugh at this one.

A satiric Onion News Network video reports on "a grisly death that only TV host Glenn Beck could deserve."

An honor student, who the fake news broadcast repeatedly refers to as "not Glenn Beck," was said to have been the victim in a fatal car accident.

"I heard screaming and I thought it was just someone doing an accurate impression of Glenn Beck normally," a purported witness claims.

The alleged victim "loved to dance and hated Glenn Beck," the video claims. A graphic on screen adds, "Family: Victim gone too soon; Glenn Beck should have died 45 years ago."

Beck has laughed off countless mock assaults by Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert, and his website even links to some of the videos.

His own site describes one such video in a self-mocking manner: "Colbert is at it again - having a laugh at Glenn's expense is something the self-deprecating, pasty white, chubby, girlie man is quite used to at this point in life. Glenn's own staff has been poking fun at his penchant for crying for years and years, so this is not groundbreaking material but overall a funny segment from the mock conservative."

But a post on the conservative Big Hollywood website, run by Drudge ally Andrew Breitbart, finds no humor in the Onion video.

If “The Onion” is so desperate to be liked by the establishment, why not just send certificates for free ice cream, or something?

The irony here is that Glenn Beck is everything the “Onion” thinks they are: funny, cutting edge, unafraid, and in the arena ready to mix it up.

Victim In Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck