It's amazing, the standards of "newsworthiness" exhibited by some outlets.

When Rep. Alan Grayson called a female lobbyist a "K-Street whore," Fox News went into overdrive, smelling blood in the water.

But when one of their own drops a prostitution analogy in reference to a female lawmaker, not a word of criticism eeks out.

Take, for example, Glenn Beck, who said recently of Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA), "So we know you’re hookin’ but you’re just not cheap."

Regarding Grayson's "K-Street" quip, right-wing blogger Michell Malkin suggested to Republican opinion-maker Sean Hannity that had a conservative said something similar, "we'd be strung up by our toes."

During a Sunday appearance on CNN, Bill Press, a radio talk show host, took exception to the clear hypocrisy.

"Look, I'm a talk show host," he said. "I'm for talk show hosts almost getting away with almost anything they say, on the radio particularly. But, I'm amazed at how much Fox lets Glenn Beck get away with. I think he is a ticking time bomb and one day he is going to explode in the face of Roger Ailes and they're going to be sorry they gave him that television show."

This video was broadcast by CNN's State of the Union on Sunday, Nov. 29, 2009, as snipped by Mediaite.