Saturday Night Live opened this weekend's show with a parody of Fox News covering Democratic losses in last Tuesday's elections.

SNL cast members portraying Greta Van Susteren, Brit Hume, Karl Rove and Shepard Smith all concluded that the governor races in Virginia and New Jersey prove it's the "end of an era" for President Barack Obama.

There was no time for Joe Trippi, the lone Democrat on the panel, to speak because Van Susteren had to cut to special guest Glenn Beck.

"People were pouring into the street and honking their horns in celebration of the return of freedom," Beck said. "They were screaming and yelling and banging on garbage cans, letting their neighbors know its safe to come out, that loving America is legal again. I love America."

Van Susteren asked about the NY-23 race, "Shep, can you give us those results?"

"I'd rather not Greta."

"Why not?"

"Because its just not important."

"If you say so Shep. So there you have it, a night when the country forever shifted from the left to the right."

This video is from NBC's Saturday Night Live, broadcast Nov. 7, 2009.