Comedy Central's Jon Stewart didn't have a complete nervous breakdown from watching an episode of Fox News' Hannity, but he sure made a strong case that, well, you could.

In a skit on Thursday night's Daily Show, Stewart was shown watching the Fox program hosted by Sean Hannity in order to see Hannity apologize after the Daily Show exposed the fact the network had used footage from the Sept. 12 Tea Party protest to make last week's Capitol Hill anti-tax protest seem larger than it was.

Stewart appeared to grow progressively more paranoid and desperate from watching the show as Hannity and his guests spent the better part of the show discussing the Fort Hood shooting with terms like "radical jihadism" and "Muslim soldiers gone wild," before moving on to breathless coverage of the H1N1 vaccine shortage.

Finally, Hannity addressed the controversy over the Tea Party footage.

"Although it pains me to say this, Jon Stewart, Comedy Central, he was right," Hannity said. "We screwed up. It was an inadvertent mistake. So Mr. Stewart, you were right, we apologize."

By that point, Stewart is shown curled up in a fetal position and close to tears.

"It wasn't worth it," Stewart sobs. "Nothing's worth sitting through this."

This video is from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, broadcast Nov. 12, 2009.