In spite of government claims to the contrary, no horny girls are standing by to help your child get health insurance.

It's a state-sponsored blooper for the ages: for two months, a recording by Florida Governor Charlie Crist played when parents called KidCare to get advice on health policies for their children. In the audio, Crist gave a number to call for more information. As it happened, that number was a little off.

Instead of details on child health care, callers were redirected to this: "Hey there, sexy guy. Welcome to an exciting new way to go live, one on one, with hot, horny girls waiting right now to talk to you."

The mix-up was first reported by The Palm Beach Post.

The recording is available online.

The Post also found four other pseudo-official phone numbers, in West Palm Beach, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Virginia, that redirect to the sex chat line.

Florida officials blamed and error in the governor's script for the sultry misdirection. The KidCare recording has been taken down.

This video is from CNN, broadcast Friday, Dec. 4, 2009.