Outgoing Virginia Governor Tim Kaine got a bit of a surprise during his radio show today, after "Barry from D.C." called to thank him for his years of service.

"Barry from D.C." was, however, President Obama.

"Governor Kaine, this is actually the President of the United States calling," Obama said.

"No," a nearly incredulous Kaine began. "Oh my God."

"I have a complaint about traffic in northern Virginia," the president continued. "But, uh, rather than go there, I just wanted to say how proud we are of your service as governor of the commonwealth of Virginia and we wish you all the best this Christmas season after your terrific round of service for the people of Virginia."

Kaine said he was flattered by the president's call and said his warmest memory as Virginia's governor was when President Obama was elected.

"I'm excited to continue to be in service, as they say," he concluded.

Kaine, who leaves office in January, will be the next Democratic National Committee chairman.

This video is from WTOP's As the Governor, broadcast Dec. 22, 2009.

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