In a Monday segment, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann took aim and unleashed on one of his favorite targets: right-wing talker Rush Limbaugh.

Grinning over his "new and improved" bouncing Limbaugh graphic, the liberal host assailed the famed Republican radio host over a laundry list of memorable moments from 2009.

But more than any other item, Olbermann took issue with Limbaugh's dogged insistence that MSNBC has been trying to boost its ratings by covering the man who many consider to be the de-facto leader of the Republican party.

The MSNBC host joked that Limbaugh had earned a sincere "WTF" for insisting that people not discuss his public statements.

"He's suddenly gone all Greta Garbo on us," Olbermann mocked. "He wants to be left alone!"

This video is from MSNBC, broadcast Dec. 28, 2009.

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