Fox News' Bill O'Reilly had some rare words of praise for President Barack Obama on ABC's Good Morning America Monday.

Asked by co-host Robin Roberts to grade the president's progress on the most important issues, O'Reilly gave Obama a "B" on jobs.

"It's very, very encouraging that this month the unemployment rate actually went down," O'Reilly said. "We had chaos, and Obama stepped in and did a lot of things that people criticized him for. But I think he stabilized the economy to some extent. So I'm giving him a 'B' right now on the jobs front because it's a tremendously difficult situation."

But the president didn't fare as well on other matters. O'Reilly gave Obama a "D" on health care and a "C" on his handling of Afghanistan.

"His speech at West Point was not good," O'Reilly said, referring to the Obama's address at the upstate New York military academy last week, in which the president announced 30,000 more troops for Afghanistan. "He needed to get a little General Patton in there. He needed to say, 'we need to kick some you-know-what."

On health care, O'Reilly said: "President Obama has not been able to explain it. It's our job to watch him when he goes on TV to try to explain it. Do you understand it? I don't."

ABC News has more details here.

This video is from ABC's Good Morning America, broadcast Dec. 7, 2009.

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