Gen. David Petraeus may be registered as a Republican but he didn't vote for John McCain for president in 2008. When Petraeus became a two-star general in 2002 he stopped voting. "When I was promoted to major general, it seemed like a quiet thing at the time, but it's perhaps taken on bigger ramifications," Petraeus told Fox News' Chris Wallace Sunday.

But the general continues to speak to partisan orgianizations. "I've spoken to AEI before. I've spoken to the Heritage Foundation and I've spoken to elements on the other side of the spectrum," said Petraeus.

In October, Petraeus spoke to the conservative Heritage Foundation but his speech bolstered Obama.

Yet Petraeus, whether intentionally or not, often waded into areas of dispute between Obama and McCain involving Afghanistan, negotiating with adversaries and other recent campaign controversies. Each time, the general either lent tacit support to Obama or denied tacit support to McCain.

Petraeus will receive the 2010 Irving Kristol Award from the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute in May.

One source claims that Petraeus expressed political ambitions when he was station Baghdad in 2004-05. But the general seemed intent on silencing all speculation Sunday. "I have no desire whatsoever to seek elective office," he said.

"You know, more recently, I've taken to quoting that country song 'What about no don't you understand?' in answering these kinds of questions," said Petraeus.

This video is from Fox's Fox News Sunday, broadcast Dec. 6, 2009.

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