SNL adulterers"Saturday Night Live" began Saturday's show with a bit suggesting there may be more to the media obsession with the Tiger Woods scandal than just the famous golfer's celebrity. The show opened with Sen. John Edwards, Sen. John Ensign and Gov. Mark Sanford apparently jealous of the coverage Woods has been getting.

"The three of us are here today because there's something very wrong going on in this country. And we can no longer keep silent about it. Over the last two weeks, our national media has engaged in an orgy of coverage of professional golfer Tiger Woods and his alleged extramarital affairs. This coverage has been excessive, it has been lurid, and it has completely overshadowed coverage of our extramarital affairs," lamented Sanford.

"Like Tiger Woods, we have broken our marriage vows but in addition, as officeholders, we have also violated the public's trust. That's a pretty big deal. Yet it seems the media couldn't care less," complained Ensign.

"Unlike Tiger's girlfriend, mine was married. That's pretty awful," said Ensign.

"Excuse me, maybe I wasn't clear," interrupted Edwards. "But I had a love child, an illegitimate, out of wedlock, parents not married, baby bastard love child," he said. "Don't you people care? God almighty."

The three cheaters sought to explaine the discrepancy. "Now, why this clear double-standard?" asked Sanford. "Is it perhaps racial? The fact that we're white men and Tiger Woods is -- I guess black, Asian, Polynesian, Cherokee," Sanford continued.

"In any event, we pray this isn't about race. Our nation has seen too much of that," said Sanford.

The following video is from NBC's Saturday Night Live, broadcast Dec. 12, 2009.