Former Alaska first husband Todd Palin was in charge of the "banned list" that kept several bloggers and political activists away from Sarah Palin's book-signing in her hometown last week.

Shannyn Moore, one of the reporters banned from the book-signing, and Justin Elliott at TalkingPointsMemo have obtained copies of the coordinating instructions for the Dec. 22 event, which includes a section entitled "Denied Access List Per Todd Palin."

"Coordination with Todd will be required to identify those folks in the event they represent themselves NOT as media reps," the document states.

James Hastings, manager of the Wasilla, Alaska, arena where the book-signing took place, confirmed the authenticity of the document to TPM.

Palin's "enemies list," as some critics have dubbed it, made news last week when four reporters and activists with a reputation for being critical of Palin found themselves banned from the event.

The four were Moore, Dennis Zaki of the now-defunct Alaska Report, Jesse Griffin of the Immoral Minority blog, and Andree McLeod, a political activist with a long record of filing ethics complaints against Palin. (Griffin's name was added to the list at the last minute, so his name doesn't appear in the documents.)

"I'm not sure what Todd didn't want us to see" at the event, Moore wrote Wednesday at the Huffington Post. "All the people getting their H1N1 vaccinations? Or maybe the Obama/Hitler pamphlets being handed out? Whatever it could have been, it wouldn't have been as big a deal as censorship. Yet another example of 'open and transparent' by Sarah Palin."

TPM's Elliott writes that "Todd Palin's actions are very much in keeping with his past role as his wife's 'most loyal protector.' When Sarah was governor, Todd was investigated for pressuring state officials to fire Sarah Palin's ex-brother-in-law. That was the Troopergate scandal."

View the coordinating insutructions for the Palin book-signing here, courtesy of TPM.