Supporters of Senator-elect Scott Brown winced as he offered up one of his daughters as "available" in his victory speech Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, Glenn Beck took to his radio program to sharply criticize Brown's remarks. The controversial host suggested that Brown needed to be "monitored" because "this one could end up with a dead intern."

"I want a chastity belt on this man," Beck said. "I want his every move watched in Washington. I don't trust this guy. This one could end with a dead intern."

"A dead intern?" co-host Pat Gray asked. "I wouldn't go that far."

Later on in the segment, Beck added, "I'm just sayin', congratulations, now let's monitor him, let's put an ankle bracelet on him, let's know where he is at all times."

During his victory speech Tuesday night, Sen.-elect Scott Brown introduced his daughters, Ayla and Arianna, to the world, thanking them for their help in the campaign.

"And just in case anybody who's watching across the country, yes they're both available," he said.

As a mixed chorus of laughter and boos roared up, Brown said: "No, no, no. Oo. Only kidding. Only kidding. ... Arianna is definitely not available, but Ayla is."

"No!" Ayla Brown responded, half-laughing.

"I can see I'm gonna get in trouble when I get home," Brown said.

Beck's "dead intern" line may have been a reference to the Gary Condit affair of 2001, when one of the House Democrat's interns, Chandra Levy, was found dead.

This isn't the first time Beck has expressed reservations about Brown. In a column he wrote for Fox News on Tuesday, he said: "I don't trust Scott Brown yet. Americans don't know him. He posed naked in Cosmopolitan magazine back in 1982. I mean — really? I question the judgment of man who thinks anyone wants to see the male body naked...."

Beck's comments may be a sign that some on the political right aren't entirely comfortable with Brown, despite his being portrayed by some newscasters, like Keith Olbermann, as being dogmatically right wing.

Although Brown believes the health reform package in Congress should "go back to the drawing board," he told a press conference Wednesday that he believes "it’s important for everyone to get some form of health care, so to offer a basic plan for everybody I think is important.” As state senator, Brown voted in favor of Massachusetts' health care reforms.

This video is from The Glenn Beck Program, broadcast Jan. 20, 2010.

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