Since when has it been a "tough question" to ask whether someone else is a "kook"? Since one Fox host asked it to a new Fox employee, Sarah Palin.

"You can say that Bill O'Reilly did not give her softball questions," said Fox & Friends host Gretchen Carlson Wednesday morning, reflecting on Palin's Fox News debut on Tuesday's O'Reilly Factor program.

"Is [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi a 'kook'? That's a tough question," Carlson said.

Surprised that her co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy chuckled and grinned at her assertion, Carlson exclaimed, "It is. That's a very tough question, and she answered it, I thought, in a very diplomatic way."

"I think she, too, is quite disconnected from what her constituents are telling her," Palin said in response to O'Reilly's question about the speaker.

Pressed by O'Reilly on whether she deems Pelosi "crazy," Palin responded, "I doubt that her San Francisco constituents even are enamored with her policies and with the guidance that she is providing the country today."

Seemingly excited about her new contract with the network, the three Fox & Friends hosts showered Palin with praise and defended her from the criticisms against her raised by O'Reilly.

Palin forcefully criticized former John McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt and members of the media on Tuesday for making claims about her she described as "b.s." and "crap."

Kilmeade suggested Schmidt "totally contradict[ed] himself" in his indictment of Palin while Doocy said the former McCain aide "kind of walked around it in a little bit of a circle."

"One of the things that of course she's faced since she got on the national scene was the visceral reaction from the left," Carlson said, "and that still confounds Bill O'Reilly so he asked her about it last night."

Liberals have reacted to the news of Palin's Fox endeavor with amusement and ridicule towards the former Vice Presidential candidate.

This video is from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast Jan. 13, 2010.

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