Ann Coulter is jealous of the attention Rush Limbaugh has been getting since making his comment about the Obama administration wanting to exploit the Haitian tragedy to "burnish" his credentials with the black community.

So she's making a conscious effort to out-controversy the controversial radio host, and on Fox News on Sunday, she didn't make much effort to keep that a secret.

"Stop asking about Rush's statement. I made some controversial statements this week too," Coulter said on Geraldo at Large.

Then she went on to prove it. Discussing the bi-partisan humanitarian effort by former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, Coulter said Clinton is a "national embarrassment" and Bush shouldn't be "forced" to partner with him.

"To force poor ex-President Bush -- like he hasn't suffered enough -- to be hanging around with Bill Clinton, who's leaving his essence on Kleenex in the White House..." she said to a chorus of groans from the rest of the panel.

Since the Haiti earthquake took place Tuesday, accusations and counter-accusations of political opportunism have been flying through the US media. Besides the well-publicized comments of Limbaugh and Pat Robertson, there is also the case of Danny Glover, whom conservatives have criticized for linking the Haiti earthquake to the failure of the Copenhagen summit.

This video is from Fox News' Geraldo at Large, broadcast Jan. 17, 2010.

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