Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman spoke with Fox News' Neil Cavuto on Tuesday and said that Scott Brown's win in the Massachusetts' special election to fill the seat left open by the late Edward M. Kennedy would send a strong message to Washington, and to the Democratic Party.

"The independents are speaking loudly around the country today and they’re telling us, one, to get together here in Washington," he said. "The second thing really is to do something about the economy and move to the center and worry about things that [independents] are worried about."

Asked by Cavuto if he would switch to the Republican Party if the GOP managed to take over the Senate in this year’s elections, Lieberman didn't rule the possibility out, saying that he has "no idea."

"That’s a big hypothetical a long way from now," he said. "I was elected as an Independent but I remained a registered Democrat, so I'm with the Democratic Caucus."

Lieberman also said that the close election polls in Massachusetts demonstrated that Americans are "skeptical about this health care bill," a bill that Lieberman declared his support for just last month after a bitter feud over the public option that led to its removal from the final Senate bill.

Cavuto asked Lieberman about the possibility that GOP Senator George Voinovich (R-Ohio) might cast his vote on the bill with the Democrats, and Lieberman responded that it was unlikely, adding he would be "shocked" if the retiring Republican "votes for health care reform anywhere near where it is now."

"I think we're at a point where there are not -- there's not a single Republican who really will vote for this bill as it is now or as it was moving to be in the conference committee," Lieberman said.

Democratic Senator Evan Bayh echoed Lieberman's sentiments yesterday, telling ABC News, "The only we are able to govern successfully in this country is by liberals and progressives making common cause with independents and moderates. Whenever you have just the furthest left elements of the Dem party attempting to impose their will on the rest of the country -- that's not going to work too well."

This video is from Fox News' America's Election Headquarters, broadcast Jan. 19, 2010.

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