As recently as earlier this week, US House Rep. Steve King was worried that the outcome of the special Senate election in Massachusetts would be determined by voter fraud.

But now that his side has won, the Iowa Republican is attributing the electoral victory to something else: A "miracle" from a (presumably divine) "intervention."

"How could you possibly ... spend enough money and take away enough liberty, that the three-and-a-half to one Democrats-to-Republicans in Massachusetts would elect a Republican to come down to the United States Senate and vote against cloture, so that the Harry Reid bill could be killed in the Senate?" King asked on the House floor Tuesday night, in comments picked up by TalkingPointsMemo.

"How could you ever spend that much money? I didn't believe it was possible, Mr. Speaker," King said. "But I -- some would say a miracle has taken place tonight, and I wouldn't disagree with that. I believe there has been intervention, and I'm grateful for it."

King has been personally involved in the Massachusetts race, despite hints from the local GOP that he wasn't invited. On Monday, he sent out a Tweet that suggested he was hoping bad weather in Boston would depress voter turnout, which he believed would work in Republican candidate Scott Brown's favor.

"Even more pervasive than Brown supporters here in Boston is the snow. The worse the weather the better for the side with momentum - Brown," he wrote.

The following video was broadcast on C-SPAN Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2010, and uploaded to the Web by Rep. King's office. The relevant comments begin around the 11:20 mark.