Beck barks like a dogFox News' Glenn Beck became a rabid critic of President Barack Obama Wednesday after the president said that there had been relatively little stimulus money wasted.


The Fox host --whom a Huffington Post blogger once blasted as a "somewhat mediocre comedian" -- decided that animal noises could best express his displeasure.

Obama said that critics who thought there would be a lot of waste were wrong: "I'm grateful that the Congress agreed to my request that the bill include no earmarks, that all project received funding based solely on their merits. And despite that, I still was concerned -- Joe and I were just talking in the back -- when this thing passed we said, '$787 billion. Somewhere there's going to be some story of some money that ended up being misspent.'"

"$787 billion being spent out of 18 months. That's a lot -- that's a lot of money. And it is a testimony to Vice President Biden and his team that, as Joe puts it, 'The dog so far at least hasn't barked,'" the president said of the stimulus naysayers.

To prove the president wrong, Beck launched into a fit of uncontrollable barking. "The dog hasn't barked?" he screamed. "It's like a pack of wild Cujos ripping up the flesh of the American people."

"We've given you a dozen examples over the past year. Stimulus debacles. How about the wasteful programs? How about the incestuous handouts to invented congressional districts?" asked Beck.

"Oh. And here's my favorite. Lawnmowers that magically created 50 jobs," Beck sneered.

The Fox News host again barked uncontrollably at the screen that recently showed Obama speaking. "He's ignoring the giant Rotweiller attached to his leg," exclaimed Beck.

This video is from Fox News' Glenn Beck, broadcast Feb. 17, 2010.

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