The rocker behind Farm Aid is evidently too subversive for the gang at Fox and Friends. Although it's probably safe to assume that the Fox morning hosts don't know much about John Cougar Mellencamp, other than he sang about "Small Towns."

Democrats at Daily Kos and at other blogs have been pushing for the Indiana rocker to run for the Senate seat that the retiring Evan Bayh is relinquishing. One Facebook group, Draft John Mellencamp for Senate!, had almost 700 members at press time.

Wednesday morning, Fox News' Steve Doocy wanted his audience to know that Mellencamp "certainly is liberal."

"Really very liberal, according to one report I read this morning he has come out publicly: 'Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama not liberal enough for me, I want more,'" Doocy continued.

In April of 2008, after Mellencamp agreed to perform at campaign events for Clinton and Obama, his publicist, Bob Merlis, said, "Neither candidate is as liberal as he would prefer, but he's happy to contribute what he can."

Mellencamp had supported John Edwards in the 2008 race, who is considered more liberal in most aspects than Clinton or Obama.

Later in the show, Doocy added, "When you think about it, a lot of people like him, they like the music, and when you like somebody who is to the left of center, he's way over there!"

Mellencamp hasn't publicly responded to the outcry yet. For now his supporters are hoping that "just like everything else those old crazy dreams [don't] just kinda came and went."

This video is from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast Feb. 17, 2010.

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