In a column about Iran’s potential nuclear capability, Ann Coulter also criticized Keith Olbermann, Richard Wolffe and Rachel Maddow.

In response, in a segment about those he disagrees with -- which he turned on its head Thursday night -- Keith Olbermann dubbed legendary conservative maven Ann Coulter a "guy."

"Our winner" of the not worst person in the world segment, Olbermann declared, was "Coultergeist."

"Of me, [Coulter] writes, 'after donning his mother's housecoat, undergarments and fuzzy slippers,' then, 'Olbermann's even creepier sidekick androgynous Newsweek reporter Richard Wolffe,' then, 'his most macho guest Rachel Maddow.""

Olbermann noted what he called "Coulter's continuing self-revelatory obsession with sexual identity," and said her writing "really suggests a helluva back story in her own life."

"All I have to say about Ann Coulter is this," the MSNBC host quipped. "If this guy wants to live his life as a woman, I'm going to back his choice up 100 percent. Coultergeist, today's not worst person in the world."

This video is from MSNBC's Countdown, broadcast Feb. 18, 2010.

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