CNN suckingWhile news networks were trying to decide who won Thursday's health care reform summit, Jon Stewart says cable news pundits were the real losers.

"Obviously any event of this magnitude involving the President of the United States, members of both parties, television cameras and talking -- it's going to have its skeptics," Stewart explained.

Stewart made his point with a flurry of clips of skeptical reporters.

"The main point of today is political theater," announced CNN's Dana Bash.

CNN anchor John Roberts announced, "People are calling today's televised health care summit nothing more than theater of the absurd."

"I think it's Kabuki theater," said Fox News pundit Karl Rove.

"I think it's Romeo and Juliet. The two families fighting," said a chuckling Dick Morris.

Following the summit, Stewart wasn't so cynical. "Obviously there was grandstanding. There was posturing but there were some really substantive points here. And there was issues where there was great agreement on health care on both Democratic and Republican sides and room for negotiations. This really did have some important steps for the American people's understanding of the complex and essential issues," said Stewart.

But news pundits and reporters became even more skeptical as they seemed most concerned with divining the winner.

"Was any progress made? Was anyone winning?" asked Fox News' Megyn Kelly.

"Who had the best advantage so far?" wondered MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell.

"At least in the early -- in the first 90 minutes or so I'm not seeing any real chance for progress," said CNN's Ed Henry.

Megyn Kelly continued to demand answers. "Is any one actually winning this debate?"

Even CNN's Wolf Blitzer lowered himself to a sports comparison. "If this were sort of the Winter Olympic Games how would you score this?" he asked.

"I would disqualify you for sucking," exclaimed Stewart.

This video is from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, broadcast Feb. 25, 2010.