BEIJING (AFP) - China has sacked and arrested an official who became an online sensation after his alleged diary detailing sexual high jinks and bribery was splashed across the Internet, state media reported Monday.

Han Feng, 53, was removed from his post as a tobacco bureau division chief in the southwestern Guangxi region and placed under arrest for allegedly accepting bribes totalling 482,000 yuan (71,000 dollars), the China Daily newspaper said.

He also accepted an apartment worth 300,000 yuan, reports said.

Han's case, dubbed "Diarygate" by the state-controlled media, first emerged earlier this month when the diaries were posted by a man who claimed Han had an affair with his wife, previous reports said.

They contain graphic accounts of sexual trysts with several young women, including government employees, and recount regular liquor-soaked banquets with other government officials and tobacco company directors.

Guangxi officials have been quoted as saying the diaries were genuine.

Han, who also was expelled from the Communist Party, was arrested on Saturday, state-run Xinhua news agency said.

The ruling party has railed against corruption for years, seeking to counter anger from the masses over regular reports of graft and debauchery among officials.

But reports of official corruption continue to emerge, often exposed by web users in the absence of a truly independent, investigative press in a country where media is tightly controlled.

A housing official in the eastern city of Nanjing was recently jailed for 11 years after Internet users posted photos of him driving a Cadillac, smoking luxury cigarettes and wearing a 14,000-dollar watch.

A chief prosecutor in the northern Inner Mongolia region resigned after web users accused her of driving a 115,000-dollar sport utility vehicle.