Stephen Colbert presented his late-night audience with an interesting metaphor for health care reform Monday.

Republicans and Democrats are like a husband and wife fighting over whether to have a health care baby. But "you're never going to get pregnant while both of you are in bed with the insurance companies," Colbert said.

After spending a week focusing on the Winter Olympics, Colbert turned his attention to last week's health care summit. "The only way it could have been more boring was if they were curling," he joked.

Comparing the summit to a "seven-hour marriage counseling session," Colbert said that one of the parties -- the GOP -- was "not being emotionally honest" and should fess up and admit it doesn't want a health care baby.

"Don't hide your true feelings, guys, repeat after me: fuck 'em!" Colbert said. "If those 30 million people want health care, let them get a better job or join the Army or go to Canada or eat Flintstones vitamins ... stop faking care-gasms."

This video is from Comedy Central's The Colbert Report, broadcast March 1, 2010.