Hannity is Colbert's bitchJames O'Keefe was widely lauded by Fox News personalities for outlandishly dressing as a pimp and secretly taping ACORN employees. But ACORN weren't the only ones that were fooled.

As it turns out, O'Keefe also duped Fox News because a report found that he never wore the ridiculous pimp costume in ACORN offices. Stephen Colbert mocked O'Keefe and the gullible conservative news network Thursday by recruiting Sean Hannity to turn some tricks.

Colbert offered a tip of his hat to O'Keefe and noted that he was also praised "in every corner of the Fox News."

Appearing on Fox News, Andrew Breitbart announced, "James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles are heroes."

Ann Coulter called them "magnificent."

"They are doing the shoe leather reporting that the rest of the mainstream media won't do," declared Michelle Malkin.

The Brooklyn D.A.'s office looked into whether there was any evidence of wrongdoing on behalf of ACORN and found none. After a five month probe, a source told the New York Post that O'Keefe's videos were a "heavily edited" splice job.

The video that unleashed a firestorm of criticism on the activist group ACORN was a "heavily edited" splice job that only made it appear as though the organization's workers were advising a pimp and prostitute on how to get a mortgage, sources said yesterday.

An independent review commissioned by ACORN found that O'Keefe wasn't wearing the pimp costume when he went into ACORN offices.

Although Mr. O'Keefe appeared in all videos dressed as a pimp, in fact, when he appeared at each and every office, he was dressed like a college student -- in slacks and a button down shirt.

But O'Keefe did deceive media outlets like The New York Times. Brad Friedman at The Brad Blog has doggedly pursued The Times, asking for a correction. They have repeatedly declined.

O'Keefe also fooled Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy into believing he wore the pimp costume into ACORN offices. Sitting next to O'Keefe, Doocy announced, "James O'Keefe, who is joining us, he is dressed exactly in the same outfit he wore to these ACORN offices."

Colbert noted that Doocy wasn't responsible for the mistake because he's not a real journalist. "He is a weatherman who I believe was rescued from a puppy mill," said Colbert.

The Comedy Central comedian reserved his biggest praise for Sean Hannity, who had O'Keefe on his show three times, showed the heavily edited videos and rushed to his defense when he allegedly tried to tamper with Sen. Mary Landrieu's phone system.

Colbert decided to take his turn appearing on Fox News as a pimp. Taking a cue from O'Keefe's heavily edited videos, Colbert spliced together video of himself wearing the pimp costume while interviewing Sean Hannity.

"I am also a pimp and I understand that you are looking for a new line of work," said Colbert.

"You could, I assume, help me out," replied Hannity.

"Absolutely. One of my bitches quit last night and there's a huge hardware convention in town this weekend and I need someone to -- you know," suggested Colbert.

"Quote hang out with those rednecks," said Hannity.

"So what do you say, Sean, do you want to turn some tricks?" asked Colbert.

"I couldn't get a date anyway," answered Hannity.

"You're going to get plenty of dates. Now, before we start trolling your little money maker out there, is there anything else you need me to get for you?" asked Colbert.

"Hooker boots and condoms," replied Hannity.

"That really kinky. Okay here's how it works," explained Colbert. "You pick up the John at the convention center, go back to the motel, compliment him on his suit and..."

"He pulls it off," Hannity finished.

"Technically, you pull it off with your teeth," Colbert instructed. "And what do you say if the John doesn't seem to be enjoying himself?" asked Colbert.

"Let me see if I can probe a little more deeply here," said Hannity.

"One more thing, Sean, when I ask for my monies don't hold out on me or I will cut a bitch," warned Colbert.

This video is from Comedy Central's The Colbert Report, broadcast March 4, 2010.