militiaFederal agents infiltrated and ultimately raided a Christian militia that prosecutors say planned to kill police officers with bombs and the 46 guns found in the home of one of the group's members.

An undercover agent was asked to build bombs by the group's leader, whom the agent recorded stating plans to dial a false 9-11 call and kill the police who showed up. The group would later bomb the funeral of those officers to kill many more and ultimately make a stand against law enforcement at "rally points" protected by trip-wired explosives.

In the recording, played in U.S. District Court in Detroit, a speaker identified as the group's leader (pictured at right) says "now it's time to strike and take our nation back so we will be free of tyranny."

The militia is allegedly Hutaree, a group of radical fundamentalist Christians who believe they are soldiers that will fight the forces of the Anti-Christ during Armageddon. Hutarees also believe that those evil forces will be police officers.

The agent accompanied Stone and others in a van as they tried to attend a Feb. 6 meeting of militias in Kentucky.

They turned back in Indianapolis because of bad weather, but later on the drive back to Michigan, Waterstreet said the van carrying the militia members passed a car on the side of the road with a Hudson, Mich. police car behind it, and Stone said "We're going to pop him — guaranteed."

Nine members of the group were arrested and charged with murderous sedition. All pleaded not guilty, but prosecutors, including Assistant U.S. Attorney Ronald Waterstreet, want them detained immediately.

In arguing for detention, Waterstreet told the court the suspects' conduct was at issue.

"It's not about a religious group," Waterstreet said. "It's not about the militia. It's about a group who decided to oppose by force the U.S. by using violence and weapons."

The raided house was home to Tom Piatek, a 46-year-old truck driver who also faces sedition charges.

ABC News used his profiles on dating sites to reveal personal details. On one such site, Piatek says he used to be a rocker, is interested in a good looking woman, lists his secret talent as being "a crack shot with a rifle" and describes an ideal first date as "an armed march on Washington."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.