Don't bogart that, Obama.

An upcoming Los Angeles "pot party" celebrating President Barack Obama's first year in office has chosen the leader of the free world as the star of an ad campaign for the event.

The ad features Obama Photoshopped smoking a fake joint above the words, "GET MEDICATED CALIFORNIA / 420."

Obama isn't known for toking, though his doctor did tell him he needed to permanently quit smoking when he went in for a check-up last week.

The ad and the event's organizers plan to "celebrate Obama ending DEA raids" on medical marijuana dispensaries.

According to the popular blog TMZ, which posted the image of the ad above, a White House spokesman said they -- not surprisingly -- didn't sign off on the use of the president's image, and that they have a policy "disapproving of the use of the President's name and likeness for commercial purposes."

The White House apparently declined to say whether they'd take on the ad's creators. TMZ quipped: "Either way ... we're guessing the wave of paranoia that's about to engulf the tokers responsible for messing with the Most Powerful Man on the Planet will be punishment enough."