WASHINGTON (AFP) – She is one of Alaska's most famous daughters, and now Sarah Palin will be taking the viewing public around her state in a new Discovery "travelogue," according to Hollywood trade journal Variety.

The divisive former Alaska governor, who inspires both unbridled admiration among supporters and unmitigated horror among detractors, will reportedly star in the new series in the role of tour guide.

"'Sarah Palin's Alaska' will center on interesting characters, traditions and attractions in the 49th state -- with the ex-VP candidate as a guide," Variety reported in its online edition Tuesday.

Officials for Discovery Communications have yet to make a statement on the new show, but Variety noted that Palin had a brief cameo in the Discovery Channel's 2008 documentary on Iditarod -- a sled race in which her husband Todd competes.

The new show "is believed to have fetched more than one million dollars an episode -- a hefty price tag for a freshman unscripted cable skein," Variety said.

But Palin is also a big draw, and is likely to attract viewers from among her supporters and curious critics, as well as political observers watching for clues as to whether she will run for president in 2012.

Palin has not ruled out a bid for the top office, after her failed 2008 vice-presidential run alongside Republican presidential candidate John McCain.