The Secret Service is investigating a conservative critic of President Barack Obama who called for his assassination Sunday on Twitter.

Self-described conservative blogger and writer Solomon Forell called for Obama's assassination on the eve of House Democrats' passage of health care reform. "We'll surely get over a bullet 2 Barack Obama's head!" Forell Tweeted.

He added: "The Next American with a Clear Shot should drop Obama like a bad habit. 4get Blacks or his claim to be Black. Turn on Barack Obama."

As of Sunday evening, the Secret Service said they were "actively investigating."

Spokesperson Max Milien told AOL's DailyFinance: "We are aware of the actual posting and are actively investigating."

The actual Tweets have been removed from Twitter's website, but appear above.

In a statement emailed to a blogger, Twitter wrote: "We have removed this profile due to violation of Twitter's Rules, specifically listed under "Content Boundaries and Use of Twitter": *Unlawful Use: You may not use the service for any unlawful purposes or for promotion of illegal activities."

"It is against the Twitter Terms of Service to use the service to commit illegal acts," the site continued. "Threatening the life of the president (or president-elect) is a federal offense under Title 18, USC, section 871. All accounts in violation of our Terms of Service are permanently suspended and we report to legal authorities accordingly."

Twitter, however, hasn't removed Forell's actual profile. They have, though, pulled the offending Tweets. Among those that remain up are Forell's posts backtracking on his original remarks.

"Let us all renounce the harsh rhetoric about the POTUS," Forell Tweeted. "Several, including myself, hv used inappropriate language. Let's remain civil!"