Jerry Seinfeld made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live to ridicule a congressman who resigned in disgrace last week. Rep. Eric Massa quit after it was revealed that he "groped" male staffers.

Seinfeld joined with Seth Meyers to do the segment called "Really!?!"

"Really, Eric Massa?" Meyers began. "First you claimed you were leaving Congress for illness. Then you said you were forced out by the White House. Then you said it was because you groped a staffer. And then you topped it all off by being the crazy one on the "Glenn Beck" show. Really?"

Seinfeld chimed in, "And when Larry King asked you if you were gay, you said, 'ask my wife or ask the 10,000 guys I served with in the Navy.' Really? First off, ask your wife, really? I mean, can I assume if you are gay, she might be the last person you'd tell?"

Meyers added, "Also, when crafting a sentence denying your homosexuality, try to leave out phrases like '10,000 guys' or names of Village People songs like "In The Navy." You might as well have said, "I'm not gay. Just ask the fellas down it the YMCA."

Seinfeld punned, "And why do I have a sinking feeling that Massa massages were quickly followed by Massa-bations?"

Both comedians mercilessly mocked various other details of the Massa scandal, before momentarily shifting their disdain to New York Governor David Paterson. "It's truly incredible to be New York's biggest disaster at a time when David Paterson is still governor," Meyers chided.

Alternet's Adele Stan pointed out late last week that "the ethics investigation that Massa escaped by resigning his seat was not an exploration of whether or not the former congressman is gay, but whether he’s a sexual predator who subjects subordinates to unwanted sexual advances."

This video is from NBC's Saturday Night Live, broadcast March 13, 2010.

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