Jon Stewart on Thursday assailed Fox News's Megyn Kelly for cherry-picking poll numbers to make a "partisan" case against the health care bill.

"The loyal opposition, Fox News, has started running negative ads against health care reform as they go into their own campaign mode," Stewart explained. "As the president is getting out there talking to the American people, Fox already knows what's they think about health care."

On her show, Kelly cited a slew of Rasmussen figures that suggest Americans are against the effort.

"53% of those polled are against the plan," she announced. "57% say passing the plan will hurt the US economy. 81% believe it's more likely to cost more. 66% believe passage will lead to higher deficits and 78% believes it will make higher middle income taxes."

"Are those beliefs correct? Who gives a shit?" mocked Stewart. "They believe it!"

He played clips of some of Fox's negative coverage of the health care negotiations to try and explain why its viewers distrust the Democratic effort, claiming he had "never seen" the networks' newscasters like Kelly be "so partisan" before.

Showing more examples of Kelly's dismissive attitude toward the bill, Steward said, "I think Fox News might be the meanest sorority in the world."

This is the second time in weeks that Stewart has called out Kelly's allegedly partisan coverage.

Fox host Neil Cavuto noted that Obama is making a final push to get Congress on board. "All the marbles, all he can muster, one last shot, one final pitch. This is it," exclaimed Cavuto in the intro to his show.

"But it is true. Barack Obama is making a final push for health care reform and he is doing it campaign style," said Stewart.

This video is from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, broadcast March 12, 2010.