Former SNL star and current Senator Al Franken made a pitch on YouTube to make two Minnesota cities the test sites for Google's broadband internet service.

Franken mined his "Answer Man" sketch, in which he tells a Duluth tourist facts about the city, to persuade viewers to sign a petition for Duluth and Superior as the first stop for Google Fiber.

"In those days, Google didn't exist, cities had to rely on people to remember all its key facts," Franken says before showing a clip of himself playing the suit-clad nerd known as the "Duluth Answer Man."

It's only the latest gimmick with the intent of catching Google's intention. The search-engine giant recently announced its intent to "test ultra-high speed broadband networks in one or more trial locations across the country" and asked people to nominate their cities.

The contest ends March 26 and towns across the country have gone to absurd lengths to gain Google's favor. Topeka, Kan., and Sarasota, Fla., renamed their towns "Google" and "Google Island" to bolster their chances.

Franken isn't the only Congressman pushing for Google's attentions. Virginia Rep. Rick Boucher has said several of his staff members are devoted to bringing Google Fiber to his district.