Fox News contributor Bernie Goldberg is worried that liberals are using a few bad actors at Tea Parties to tar "the entire Tea Party movement and the Republican Party."

Jon Stewart has found numerous examples of pundits at Fox News trying to do the same to the "far left."

A recent CBS/New York Times poll found that Tea Party members are better educated and more wealthy than the average American -- facts that Fox News was happy to report.

But Fox decided not report less attractive aspects of the same poll: 52 percent believed that too much has been made of the problems facing African-Americans and thirty percent think President Barack Obama was born in another country.

When it came to characterizing the entire Tea Party, Jon Stewart found himself in the odd position Thursday of agreeing with Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Bernie Goldberg.

"You cannot demonize any organization by the actions of a few in a demonstration," O'Reilly said on March 29.

"They are trying to marginalize them and smear a movement of great Americans that are expressing their views," Hannity said the same day.

"They're tarring the entire Tea Party movement and the Republican Party," Goldberg complained.

"Bernie Goldberg is right!" Stewart exclaimed. When it comes to generalizing, just "don't do it."

But the Fox News pundits don't seem so worried about generalizations of liberals and the Democratic Party. Goldberg told MSNBC's Joe Scarborough that liberals think "that whole middle of the country is made up of sort of jerks. You know, that's a Democratic thing. That's a liberal thing."

"That's what we call a fair generalization," said a sarcastic Stewart. "By the way, the anti-generalizers at Fox want you to know that generalizing is the least of the liberals problems," explained Stewart. And to make the point, The Daily Show's research staff had no trouble find plenty examples of conservative pundits at Fox News doing their own generalizing.

"The left in this country is invested in defeat in Iraq," said Cal Thomas.

"Liberals see just about everything through the prism of race," according to Goldberg.

"The left always paint Christians as hate mongers," Glenn Beck told O'Reilly.

Jon Stewart concluded with just three word for the hypocrites at Fox News: "Go f*ck yourselves."

This video is from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, broadcast April 14, 2010.