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Anti-porn NY gov candidate emailed ‘awesome’ lesbian video



Emailing funny cat videos to your friends is one thing, but sending pornographic videos you think are “awesome” is on a whole different level, a Republican gubernatorial candidate promoted by the tea party movement is finding out.

An upstate New York website announced Wednesday, “Since Carl decided to make an issue of ‘pornographers and perverts’ who are subverting our society and offending his values and Catholic sensibilities, we here at WNYMedia.net thought now would be a great time to revisit the 70-something emails that Carl Paladino sent around to hundreds of his friends, advisors, and associates as well as to leaders in the WNY business community and government officials over the course of several years.”


(Warning: Explicit photos at WNYMedia link)

Gawker notes,

Earlier this year—when Paladino was running against former Senate candidate Rick Lazio for the Republican nomination—Buffalo-based WNYMedia.net published some of the emails he had sent to “a veritable who’s who of Buffalo-area politicians, media types, hangers-on, hacks, and appointees.” And oh, what emails they were, ranging from racist depictions of President Obama, to different racist depictions of President Obama.

But those weren’t the only copies of Paladino correspondence obtained by WNYMedia.net. Besides the horrifying racist emails, there was the explicit porn email—much of which the site published today. And, well: It’s pretty gross. Here’s one, titled “Russian treasure XX open in private” (the “treasure” is a woman, who lactates on a window, not a painted egg, or whatever)

In reference to one that Paladino allegedly sent in October of 2009 under the subject header “2 Chicks Turning up the heat – XXX”, the WNYMedia.net article states,

Here’s another video that Carl Paladino described as “awesome”. Perhaps this is the proof his campaign needed to establish that he is all for gay people being gay. Nevertheless, based on his speeches in Brooklyn, he doesn’t think that these young ladies’ relationship is a “valid and successful option”. But he’s happy to watch.


The New York Daily News adds,

Paladino spokesman Michael Caputo ripped the website but did not deny his boss sent the salacious texts.

Caputo said Paladino apologized for forwarding offensive emails in April, when the first batch became public. He accused the blog of being run by liberal activists who “tried to derail our campaign once before with emails of questionable origin.

“We’ve gotten past this. We’re not going to take the time to confirm these miscreants’ new attempt to revive their dying website.”

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New filings reveal Trump’s campaign and the GOP are in dire financial trouble



On Tuesday, The New York Times reported that new filings show President Donald Trump's campaign — and the Republican Party itself — are teetering on the brink of financial oblivion.

"New filings with the Federal Election Commission showed the extent of Mr. Trump’s cash troubles, which are severe enough that he diverted time from key battleground states and flew to California on Sunday for a fund-raiser with just over two weeks until Election Day," reported Shane Goldmacher and Rachel Shorey. "The president ended September with just over half as much money as he had at the beginning of the month."

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Trump has ‘routinely gossiped’ that Dr. Fauci was auditioning ‘to get a job at CNN’: report



On Tuesday, The Daily Beast reported that President Donald Trump is now convinced that Dr. Anthony Fauci is trying to play to the media to get positive attention, or maybe even a job.

"In recent months, Trump has routinely gossiped with close associates and advisers that Fauci is behaving like a member of anti-MAGA 'resistance' commentators," reported Erin Blanco. "In the past few weeks, the president has told multiple people that he believes Fauci is angling to earn the media’s adulation and that it at times appears to him that the famous infectious disease expert is 'audition[ing]' or 'trying to get a job at CNN,' according to two sources with knowledge of his private comments."

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WATCH: Drew Barrymore is terrorized by Donald Trump in ‘Scream’ spoof



Actress Drew Barrymore reprised the role of the character Casey Becker from the hit 1996 movie "Scream."

Barrymore's character was killed at the beginning of the film after receiving a threatening phone call.

In the spoof, Barrymore answers a cordless phone to and hears crazy things President Donald Trump has said.

The skit was filmed for comedian Samatha Bee's "Full Frontal" on TBS.

Hard to believe it’s been over twenty years since the movie Scream came out and even longer since Trump took office. Don’t believe us? Here’s scream queen @DrewBarrymore and the president having a perfect phone call. pic.twitter.com/aPZo4nmGiZ

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