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Barbara Bush blames housekeeper for fetus in jar



One of the Bushes needs to get their memory checked.

The former president wrote in his new book Decision Points that his mother, former First Lady Barbara Bush, had a miscarriage and showed him the fetus.

In an interview with CNN’s Larry King that aired Monday, the former First Lady said that her son’s memory may have “dimmed” because she never put her fetus in a jar.


“George discloses something very personal about you, which he says you gave him special permission to write about,” noted King. “He wrote that when you once had a miscarriage, you showed him the fetus in the jar.”

“Paula put it in the jar,” Bush replied. “And I was shocked when she gave it to him to — but, you know, memories dim a little bit.”

Paula Rendon is the Bush family’s longtime housekeeper.

“Were you shocked that he put it in the book?” King asked.

“No. He asked permission and I gave him permission. It’s his book,” Bush said.


Different people grieve in different ways, but Justin Frank, a psychoanalyst based in Washington D.C., told The Daily Beast‘s Casey Schwartz that saving the fetus is not a normal response.

“You don’t save a fetus in a jar — you just don’t do that,” Frank said. “I would consider that to be the behavior of an extremely depressed person. Probably also extremely angry… because I think she’s saying — essentially — that she has had to suffer.”

The Daily Telegraph observed that while the former president is staunchly pro-life, his mother does not necessarily hold that point of view.


“I hate abortions, but just could not make that choice for someone else,” she once said.

Bush’s son told NBC’s Matt Lauer that the point of the story was not to show how he came to be pro-life.


“I thought it was very important for people to understand the relationship with my mom,” the former president said. “There’s no question that it affected me — my philosophy — we should respect life.”

“The purpose of the story really wasn’t to show the evolution of a pro-life point of view, it was really to show how my mom and I developed a relationship.”

In the interview broadcast Monday, King pressed Bush on her stance on abortion.


“You had differing opinions, though, on pro-life, did you not?” King asked.

“I don’t remember,” the former first lady demurred.

Former President George H. W. Bush, who also appeared in the interview, interruppted. “Yes, they did,” he admitted.

“Shh, George,” she said.

This video is from CNN’s Larry King Live, broadcast Nov. 22, 2010.


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2020 Election

Get ready for petulant Trump to punish America if Biden wins



What could happen to America if Trump were to further, severely crash the U.S. economy the day after Joe Biden is announced as the winner of the 2020 presidential race?

As Trump tweeted on June 15, 2019, “if anyone but me takes over… there will be a Market Crash the likes of which has not been seen before!”

On July 6, 2020, he tweeted, “If you want your 401k’s and Stocks, which are getting close to an all time high (NASDAQ is already there), to disintegrate and disappear, vote for the Radical Left Do Nothing Democrats and Corrupt Joe Biden.”

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Israel parliament rejects law targeting Netanyahu over indictment



Israeli lawmakers on Wednesday rejected a bill targeting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that sought to block candidates under indictment from forming a future government.

In a vote that highlighted the fragility of the premier's coalition, Wednesday's bill, proposed by opposition leader Yair Lapid, was defeated 53-37. Members of the Blue and White party, who are part of the coalition, abstained.

Talk of a snap election is already widespread, just three months after the current government was formed.

Netanyahu is on trial for bribery, fraud and breach of trust. He denies wrongdoing.

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Trump campaign lashes out at GOP congressman for calling QAnon conspiracy theory a ‘fabrication’



This Wednesday, Illinois GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger posted a message to Twitter denouncing the QAnon conspiracy theory cult, saying the people who adhere to the cult's claims have no place in Congress.

"Qanon is a fabrication. This 'insider' has predicted so much incorrectly (but people don’t remember PAST predictions) so now has switched to vague generalities," he wrote. "Could be Russian propaganda or a basement dweller. Regardless, no place in Congress for these conspiracies."

Kinzinger's tweet caught the eye of President Trump's Deputy Director of Communications Matt Wolking, who apparently took issue with the Representative's suggestion that QAnon could be part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

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