MOSCOW – Russian spy Anna Chapman launched her own weekly TV show on Friday, in her latest public foray since she was deported by the United States last July in a Cold War-style swap.

The 28-year-old redhead has posed in lingerie, attended a space launch and even had a sing-a-long with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin since she returned to Russia following her arrest and expulsion with nine other Russian sleeper agents.

"I will reveal all secrets," Chapman said on the one-hour, nightly show "Mysteries of the World with Anna Chapman," which aired on the private Russian channel REN TV.

Dressed in a black and red velvet dress, Chapman reported on a "miracle" baby from Russia's Dagestan region in the mainly Muslim North Caucasus, where an Islamist insurgency is raging.

In 2009 media reports about the baby had caused a frenzy in the region when imams said pinkish scrawled verses from the Koran had appeared and faded on the child's body every few day. Regional experts dismissed the claims, saying the impoverished, violence-torn region was clinging to any hint of hope.

Chapman became one of Russia's most famous spies when photographs she posted on social networking site Facebook were plastered across the front pages of tabloid newspapers around the world.

Although celebrated by the Kremlin and Russian media, the Russian spy ring was reported to have failed to secure any major intelligence before their arrests.