When Raw Story investigative reporter Brad Jacobson published his report on how 2 million dangerously mentally ill people are missing from America's national gun register, Russia's largest news network took notice.

Appearing on Russia Today's The Alyona Show, he told the interviewer that gun laws in the states have become "extremely porous" thanks to a mixture of bureaucracy and political gamesmanship.

"It definitely sounds like a complicated system, and definitely a lot of gross negligence all around here," RT's interviewer, Alyona Minkovski, remarked. "It's no laughing matter that two million people are now not in this database."

In addition to the millions of mentally ill left out of the register, Raw Story reported that tens of thousands of people's records, that would fall into other legally disqualifying categories in the background check system, are also missing -- with convicted felons high on the list.

"One of the over-arching things that I found in the investigation is that our gun laws are unbelievably porous," Jacobson told RT. "You know, when this event in Tucson happened, a lot of politicians showed up everywhere saying we just need to, you know, this is just about making sure the laws on the books are being followed.

"But if you talk to people who are experts on this and you study it, you realize that all of our gun laws are extremely porous."

Read Raw Story's full report from Thursday, right here.

This video is from Russia Today, broadcast Thursday, Feb. 10, 2011.