The liberal groups Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy For America raised $200,000 since Wednesday night's anti-union vote in Wisconsin and intends to use the money to target vulnerable lawmakers in the state.

A joint campaign by the groups at witnessed a dramatic surge in fundraising after Wisconsin Republicans bypassed protesting Senate Democrats and voted to curtail the collective bargaining rights of public employee unions. State Republicans, unable to reach a quorum on the budget without Democratic support, passed the anti-union provisions in a separate bill.

"CODE RED: Wisconsin's Republican senators just voted to pass Gov. Walker's anti-worker bill -- without Democrats present," PCCC co-founder Adam Green emailed supporters after the vote. "They are bending the rules in order to break Wisconsin unions, and they need to be punished for this undemocratic action."

Green told Raw Story that PCCC and DFA will use the money to flood the airwaves with an ad in the districts of three vulnerable Republican senators up for recall: Randy Hopper of Green Bay, Alberta Darling of Milwaukee, and Dan Kapanke of La Crosse.

The 60-second spot features testimonials from Wisconsin residents worried about the impact Walker's anti-union proposal will have on the working class. "This is Republican class warfare, an attack on the middle class," says one Wisconsinite at the end. "This is a battle we need to win."

Watch the ad, courtesy PCCC and DFA via

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