Conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart was interviewed by Right Wing News' John Hawkins as a promo push for Breitbart's new book, "Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World!"

Breitbart had some choice comments about his liberal past (he helped Arianna Huffington launch The Huffington Post, and was recently banned from the site's front page, which he sarcastically called "the tragedy of my life").

As a young script-runner in Hollywood, a "go-along to get-along" liberal, he "started to listen to certain people on the radio who were more clear-thinking than the professors that I had in college."

Breitbart continues:

I remember thinking when I was in college that a lot of these known Chomsky-like, verbose high lefty thinkers made absolutely no sense but I thought that was my problem. So when I started to listen to conservative thinkers and to read conservative thinkers, there was a clarity of thought. It wasn’t muddled. It wasn’t confusing. It started to make sense at an intellectual level and tie into the values that my parents gave me when I was a young kid that I diverted from when I was in high school.

So it was basically a reconnecting with everything that my parents attempted to instill in me in my youth. It has made me sleep a lot better at night, being centered and oriented with human nature as opposed to living in a world of self loathing nihilism, trying to undo human nature, and trying to create a path towards an unrealistic utopia.

On Arianna Huffington, Breitbart said, "AOL’s content is being run by a person who is disloyal to her friends and who clearly favors the liberal and leftist politically correct anti-free speech point of view over the conservative ones."

Read the rest of the interview, where Breitbart talks about the "almost haiku-like precision" with which people tweet angry messages at him, crying when he met Clarence Thomas' wife, and his true feelings about Matt Drudge on Right Wing News.

Image via WikiMedia Commons.