James McGreevey, the former Democratic governor from New Jersey who resigned after admitting he had an affair with another man, won't be starting a new career as a priest anytime soon.

The Episcopal Church has denied the former governor's request to enter the priesthood, according to The New York Post.

"It was not being gay but for being a jackass -- [McGreevey] didn't come out of the whole divorce looking good," a source with the Episcopal Diocese of Newark told the paper.

McGreevey's protracted divorce with his ex-wife Dina Matos was publicly bitter and salacious. In 2008, he admitted that he and his wife had participated in threesomes with a former aide.

Members of the church were also concerned that McGreevey was using religion to rehabilitate his image.

"[H]e was sort of looking for every angle to make a complete redo of his professional life," a source within the church said. "He ran to the church for some kind of cover, which isn't fully appropriate. Even if he's a good guy, he should wait five to 10 years to get over his issues."

McGreevey declined to comment, citing confidentiality requirements of the church.

The church officially received McGreevey as a member in 2007. He graduated last spring from the General Theological Seminary in Manhattan with a master's in divinity.

Prior to leaving his job as governor, McGreevey had described himself as a devout Catholic.

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