WASHINGTON — Fourteen women US lawmakers plan to fast to protest deep cuts to programs that help the poor and battle hunger in the United States and overseas, a group that organized the move said Wednesday.

The representatives, all Democrats, were acting in opposition sharp reductions included in a compromise spending bill expected to clear the US Congress this week and go to President Barack Obama to sign into law.

Democratic Representative Rosa DeLauro called the cuts "morally wrong" and warned they "will have a negative impact on women and children around the world who will not have access to the food and nutrition they need."

DeLauro's comments came in a statement from Women Thrive Worldwide, one of three organizations behind "Hungerfast," an effort launched by former Democratic Representative Tony Hall.

In all, some 35,000 Americans including 28 members of the US Congress have joined the campaign, according to the statement.

Each lawmaker will pick a day this week during which they will drink water but will not eat, according to Women Thrive Worldwide spokeswoman Anugraha Palan.