In the days since popular rap artist Common would be invited to a White House poetry event, Fox News personalities have been voicing their protests.

The network's editorial site, Fox Nation, even published an article headlined "Michelle Obama Hosting Vile Rapper at the White House?" The site apparently objected to Common because of some lyrics denouncing former President George W. Bush, they said, and had mentions of violence against police.

However, about seven months ago, Fox News interviewer Jason Robinson spoke to Common and praised him, saying he's "very positive."

"You're known as the conscious rapper," Robinson said. Common responded that being an artist is a "significant role."

In direct contrast to that report, Sean Hannity used his show Tuesday night to voice his outrage over Common's White House invite.

"I support his right," Hannity said of the rapper's language, "but don't bring him to the White House."

He said that the Obamas' decision to invite Common is an example of the president showing "his radical roots again and again and again. Ayers, Wright, Pflger."

Just as Fox News has pivoted its opinion of Common, from "very positive" to "vile," Hannity's remarks about Common's lyrics are in sharp contrast to his thoughts on Ted Nugent's 2007 onstage remarks that then-candidate Obama "suck on" a machine gun and called him a "piece of shit."

When guest Bob Beckel asked about Nugent's remarks soon after, and whether Hannity was prepared to "disavow this lowlife," Hannity called Nugent a "friend" and said, "I like Ted Nugent."

Watch the video for Common's 2007 song "The People" on YouTube.

Watch the clip of Sean Hannity criticizing Common below, which aired May 10, 2011, on Fox News' "Hannity." Embedded courtesy of Mediaite.

Watch Fox News' Jason Robinson interview and praise Common below. This interview aired on Fox News October 20, 2010, embedded courtesy of Media Matters.

Post image via Wikimedia Commons.