WELLINGTON — A New Zealand minister has hit out at critics of his "dead possum" haircut, chastising bald-headed journalists for mocking his manicured mane.

In a light-hearted video blog posted on YouTube this week, Revenue Minister Peter Dunne said too much attention was paid to his bouffant hairstyle.

"What's this thing about my hair? I'm getting a bit fed up with being described as having a dead possum on top, all sorts of other things like that," he said.

"Some people who think it's untidy, it's too grey, it's too coiffured. The only thing that ever goes on this is a comb and a hairbrush," he added, waving a comb at the camera.

"And I think it's really bald-headed men (behind the criticism)."

Dunne, the leader of the United Future Party, a minority partner in the conservative coalition government, said appearing on one high-profile current affairs show was awkward because the interviewer constantly stared at his hair.

Taking a dig at another TV host, he said "I quite like your plastic hair too".

He then asks an off-camera staffer "what was I supposed to be talking about?", receiving the reply "tax", before the video ends.

It can be seen at