In a rush to report the news Sunday night that Osama bin Laden had been killed, a local affiliate of Fox News accidentally spelled the terrorist leader's name as "Obama bin Laden."

FOX40 Sacramento said the misspelling occurred because the headline originally stated "President Obama to Make National Security Announcement" and the "B" remained when it was changed to "Reports: Obama bin Laden dead."

"Some readers immediately accused the media of purposely equating the president's name to that of a now deceased terrorist, but really it's a combination of dyslexia, over-exuberance to get the news out, and the surprise twist in the news itself this evening," the station said in an apology on Monday.

FOX40 was not the only station to make the error last night.

Fox affiliate WTTG also made the same mistake. "President Obama is in fact dead," a news anchor for the station said following President Barack Obama’s speech.

Additionally, Fox News Channel host Geraldo Rivera reported that "Obama is dead" before quickly correcting himself.

Mediaite reported that Countdown host Keith Olbermann mocked FOX40's mistake, but made the very same error himself.