The conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice accused of choking a female colleague amid a heated argument was urged days later to attend anger management classes, according to a local report.

Justice David Prosser, accused of choking his liberal colleague Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, was reportedly asked to attend the classes during a June 15 meeting with Wisconsin Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs, according to The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The incident allegedly occurred on June 13, while the justices were meeting to discuss their opinions of Gov. Scott Walker's anti-union law.

Prosser insists that the allegations against him "will be proven false" after a "proper review of the matter and the facts surrounding it are made clear".

The conservative judge has a history of violent outbursts of anger, particularly against women justices. Last year, in a heated exchange, he called Chief Justice Abrahamson "a bitch" and vowed to "destroy" her.

Bradley was present for that exchange and says she thought of contacting law enforcement personnel at the time. In an interview from March of this year, she expressed her concerns about Prosser's anger issues, saying, "It's been going on for years off and on".

Prosser won a tight election for his seat against challenger JoAnne Kloppenberg in the spring. The contest was considered by many to be a referendum on the polices of Governor Scott Walker.